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Sister Act: IWOC, meet IWOSC! President’s Post by Laura Stigler

05 Jul 2020 12:48 PM | Anonymous

Bet most of you never knew IWOC even had a sister. Guess what. We do! She lives out on the West Coast – L.A. to be exact. Her name? Independent Writers of Southern California. IWOSC, I was told, was born in 1982, having been inspired by the formation of IWOC. How flattering is that! Well the other day, I was minding my own business (literally), when a surprise email came through...

It was from IWOSC President Gary Young, introducing himself and reacquainting me with IWOSC. Gary also mentioned he was impressed with our website...and suggested we form some kind of alliance. How could I refuse? Flattery will get you everywhere!

Gary made the first move, inviting IWOC members to IWOSC’s 6/29 webinar for a discount. I accepted that gracious invite and it was passed along to our members as an “Event of Interest.” That proposal got us to thinking that perhaps we can exchange more of our orgs’ various offerings. We decided to consult our respective Board of Directors and then compare notes.

In an impromptu IWOC Board meeting, here are some of the initial ideas we came up with that we will bring to the table:

1. Program Exchange:

 While IWOC and IWOSC programs have occasionally covered the same topics, more often than not, both orgs offer different types of programs that would surely be of significant interest to both sides. As long as we’re all still Zooming during these challenging COVID times, wouldn’t it be beneficial to invite each other’s members to those Zoom webinars at no cost -- simply as a gesture of good will? We think so! Once in-person meetings resume, we can then offer the podcasts of each other’s meetings for a discount. Or for free, should members of one org join the other.

2. Discount Memberships: 

Speaking of joining, why not offer mutual memberships at a discount? With open access to each other’s resources, imagine the extra knowledge, information and networking ops we could all reap!

3. Guest Blogger/Columnist:

IWOC produces a monthly blog. IWOSC produces a monthly newsletter. Let’s allow IWOC-ers and IWOSC-ers contribute to one another’s news organs. What a great way to help members enhance their profile, expand their audience – even raise their SEO ranking!

That’s just a start. As of this writing, much remains to be discussed amongst ourselves and with IWOSC. But the potential for enriching our members’ careers, networking opportunities and educational growth is tremendous.

We all are looking forward to seeing how this can progress. To paraphrase one of moviedom’s classic last lines, “This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

P.S. Check out IWOSC’s website. You’ll be equally impressed.

- Laura Stigler


  • 07 Jul 2020 8:50 AM | Anonymous
    This is OUTSTANDING news, Laura. I'm very excited about strengthening our alliance with IWOSC.
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    • 07 Jul 2020 11:28 AM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)
      Isn't it though! I'm very excited, too. Adds a whole new dimension to both orgs.
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