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"Life in the Freelance Lane" Testimonials

Since 2015, a stalwart group of IWOC-ers has been traveling to various venues in and and around Chicagoland (libraries, universities, career counseling centers, writers' hangouts, Chicago's City Hall, American Writers Museum), presenting what is now the acclaimed, "Life in the Freelance Lane: Business Basics for Succeeding in the Gig Economy." 

Filled with tons of common sense, practical pointers on the business basics, challenges, opportunities and benefits of a freelance writing career, the feedback we continue to receive is our greatest reward. It fuels our desire to continue to reach out and help those who either wish to turn their writing hobby into paying gigs, or want to know how the heck to make that seemingly mysterious transition from full-time work to a freelance career -- and succeed at it!  The proof of the value of these presentations is, as they say, in the pudding. Or, more precisely, in the testimonials.

Following is just a sampling of the many positive comments we'd like to share. 

Thinking of joining our speakers roster or scheduling a presentation at your venue? Please contact us

Principal speakers: Jeff Steele and Laura Stigler with alternates George Becht and David Steinkraus.

"Thank you for all the wonderful information! All three of you were so helpful. Listening to you three describe the freelance writing world gave me the same strange feeling I get when I stumble upon an entire new sub-genre of music or fiction; I think I know about everything, then something comes along and shows me there's actually way more cool things out there. It's a really intense feeling of discovery. 

“My dream (or, more accurately, my goal) is to publish fiction. But I think I have the skills and drive to work as a freelance writer too. Your presentation today made me realize that.” — KD 

I attended the session conducted by President Laura Stigler, Board Member Jeff Steele, and Professional Member Sally Chapralis . I was engaged by their playful, respectful interaction and light-hearted banter. I was blown away by their business savvy. These people were not playing around, I can spot successful business people when I see them. Their advice was sound and not all rosy. That's how I knew they were authentic.” – AD 

"All valuable. Focused on key, necessary points. Had a wealth of actual experience" --  VT

"Three great presenters! The most valuable part was learning based on their real life experiences and the things they've learned from that." -- KX

"Excellent presentation and very organized, knowledgeable presenters. This could be its own series or program for freelancers! " -- LB

"Liked specific tips such as use a separate business email address, keep business and personal finances separate." -- BB

"“It was great! I can certainly say that I came out of the presentation having a much better understanding of an industry that was almost wholly unknown to me. I knew that freelance work existed, but it seemed like a part of the workforce that was impenetrable. However, I now feel like I at least know how the business functions.”  - NL

"We welcome you back any time! Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. I definitely received great feedback on the workshop." 

-- LaTanya Simpson, Services Coordinator, Career Transitions Center of Chicago

"Good primer for those looking to develop a writing career, and a timely opportunity for established writers to learn new tricks. Well-presented and knowledgeable discussion leaders and a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with fellow writers.”  – Jeremy 

I'm thrilled by the success of last week's program, and I'm very excited to continue to work together to support Evanston writers. I'll certainly be in touch and look forward to working together again soon. Thanks so much. 

-- Russell Johnson, Adult Services Librarian, Evanston Public Library

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