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When you become an IWOC member, you join an organization of communications experts who derive a substantial portion of their incomes from freelance writing. You also join a community of writers who care about advancing the cause of independent writing, who recognize the power and opportunities that result from professional fellowship, and who support each other in advancing their careers.


  1. IWOC appears at the top of Internet searches for "Chicago freelance writers." So...
  2. Clients will be more likely to find you, thanks to your IWOC profile.
  3. Access Writers' Line Job Board, plus the Job Sites page, listing 40+ of the hottest Job Sites for writers. (Many will feed select jobs to your inbox!)
  4. FREE admission to our monthly programs, always filled with business-boosting and skill-honing info.
  5. Can't make a meeting? Download the podcast and (when available) the handouts.
  6. Gain access to sample contracts, tools, rate survey results and much more!
  7. Make new contacts, be inspired by new ideas through networking opportunities.
  8. We'll toot your latest wins via far-reaching "Member News" e-blasts and Social Media platforms!
  9. Raise  your SEO ranking: contribute to our Stet blog
  10. Give advice. Get advice! We offer a free, volunteer mentorship program.
  11. Members can get involved on committees -- great for enhancing people and business skill 
  12. Gain special access to the programs of our sister org, Independent Writers of Southern California
  13. Get Member Referral Rewards: 10% off your next membership renewal when you refer a new member!  Get 20% off if you refer 2 new members within a single year. Etc. 
  14. You won't find a nicer group of fellow pros who are eager to help you succeed.

Membership Levels

To serve the needs of the Chicago-area freelance writing community, IWOC offers three levels of membership:

  • Professional ($95/year)
    Writers who rely on freelance writing to provide a portion of their incomes
     - Detailed listing in the Find a Writer member directory
     - Full access to members-only resources, including the Writers' Line job board and mentoring program
     - Free admission to IWOC programs 
     - Discounted admission to skill-building seminars
  • Associate ($70/year)
    Writers who are interested in pursuing a freelance writing career and/or anyone who wants to connect with freelance writers
     - Contact-only listing in the Find a Writer member directory
     - Full access to members-only resources, including the Writers' Line job board and mentoring program
     - Free admission to IWOC monthly programs 
  • Student ($40/year)
    Anyone enrolled part- or full-time at a post-secondary institution
     - Partial access to members-only resources, including the mentoring program
     - Free admission to IWOC monthly programs 

How to Apply

To apply for IWOC membership, click here. (For best results, please make sure to view and follow our application guidelines

Note to Professional Members: Once you get to the page where you select all your listings, tally them up and then please be sure to check the correct package (0-5 listings, 6-10, etc.). Packages are listed right under the list of Specialties. The total payment amount will then be automatically calculated when you hit "Next."

You can pay your dues online using either a credit card or PayPal account. As soon as your payment is confirmed and we have reviewed and approved your application, you will be notified of your membership activation and welcomed heartily into the IWOC fold.

Get 10% discount! If you attend one of our monthly meetings and join IWOC at that meeting (or up until midnight that night), you will receive 10% off your first year of membership. (Must attend the meeting to get the coupon code.)

Should you have questions about any part of the process, please contact our membership manager, who will be more than happy to help.

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