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Thanks for the Laughs | by Sarah Klose

10 Nov 2023 10:50 AM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)

When I think of the TV show "Friends," I recall the witty writing and the six talented actors who brought the script to life. Especially Matthew Perry, with his comedic timing and animated facial expressions in his portrayal of Chandler Bing. 

"Friends" originally aired from 1994-2004, and I worked in the corporate world then. I often stayed late at the office to finish projects. One night a week, three of my coworkers would gather in a cubicle nearby at around 6pm, and spend the next hour laughing loudly.

What were they talking about? "Friends." They were discussing, analyzing and dissecting every scene of the previous night's episode. Week after week this went on. I'd try to work, but overhear them, and find myself unable to stop laughing at the "Friends" episode all over again. 

What might not be known, is that Perry would drop into the writers' room and contribute by pitching jokes and helping craft the scripts that we enjoyed so much. After the show ended, he harbored ambitions to write. In 2016, he wrote a dark comedy play called “The End of Longing” which premiered in London. His memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing” was published in 2022 in which he shared his struggles with addiction, with the aim of helping others. 

Thank you for the laughs, Matthew, and for your big heart. The world needs both. Please rest in peace.

-- Sarah Klose

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