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IWOC OFFERS THAT???, PART 2 | President's Post by Laura Stigler

31 May 2022 9:02 AM | Laura Stigler (Administrator)

Alright everybody, back on the bus! We’re about to embark on the second leg of our “IWOC Offers That???” tour, the first having been launched in the March Stet, where we discovered 1) a treasure trove of podcasts and handouts from meetings past, and 2) a “Letter of Agreement” template that can sure come in handy, especially when negotiating with a first-time client. Chomping at the bit to find out what else IWOC offers that may have escaped your notice? Let’s roll.

First stopOur “Find a Mentor” Program. Wait, what? There’s a Mentor Program? When did this happen? Oh, about four years ago, when we finally got the hint after being asked at every turn, “Does IWOC provide mentoring?” I can now answer not only with a resounding “Yes!”, but that we currently have 17 members representing writing disciplines from across the board, who are eager to share their expertise and knowledge. And the beauty of it is, mentoring works both ways: Whether you get a charge out of taking someone under your wing and imparting your hard-fought wisdom – or if you wish to be mentored and have some of that wisdom imparted to you, our Mentoring Program is a win-win. For everyone.  ("Find a Mentor" is located under the "For Members" tab.)

Next stop: The Business & Rate Survey. Let’s admit it. Finding out what other writers charge is one of our guilty pleasures. Aren’t you dying to know, say, what journalists are paid for writing a magazine article? What is the going rate for writing a brochure, or radio spot? And white papers: how much does one get for writing those? Our juicy Business & Rate Survey has all the answers, gleaned from IWOC member participants. Why would anyone want to know such stats, other than unabashed curiosity? For one thing, they provide you with a reference point when you’re trying to determine what you should charge for a particular project. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market. Then again, you want to be paid what you’re worth. IWOC’s Business & Rate Survey (posted on the Member Resources page) is invaluable in helping you confidently establish your own rates. 

Gonna let you off the bus right here so you can mosey around the various points of interest on your own – all located under the “For Members” tab. If you haven’t joined IWOC yet, do it! If you’re a lapsed member, come back! We’d love to see you again. Either way, you’ll be able to gain (or regain) access to the above benefits and so much more.

See you next time...when I point out even more “IWOC Offers That???”  attractions.

Happy exploring!  

-- Laura Stigler

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